“One can choose to return to safety or move towards growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome over and over again.”
 Abraham Maslow

Also called Personal Development, Self-Development or Self-Help it is a concept that can be interpreted in many ways and, as in every case when it comes to nominalizations, all interpretations are  inaccurate and at the same time  useful.

But whatever we interpret it, personal growth is the source of happiness of any life or, better expressed, in this concept lies the essence of the happiness of a human life. And there are powerful reasons to affirm what I have just said and, if you allow me, I´ll share them with you.

A life without “growth” is a wasted life. This assertion, debatable like any other, implies that you can grow or not, and it is a choice of your own. It is part of the free will that is supposed to be in turn part of the human condition.

And despite the inaccuracy and indefinition of the concept there are, however, experts who have achieved more or less understandable expressions, but certainly much more measurable and with much more practical content. That is, these experts have turned the concept into something that you can work on with a certain specificity and this way being able to achieve more tangible results.